THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast

Leveraging Reddit to Reach Business Prospects

December 21, 2021

Is the long-running Reddit platform, with its multitude of online groups formed around topic-specific sub-channels (subreddits), becoming a viable option for small business advertising? And what does product or service promotion look like inside a social media platform built on chats? Hear from Timo Pelz, vice president of business marketing for Reddit, on the ways business owners can leverage conversation and community — staples for the platform — to add value for users and align within dynamic discussions. Plus, hear how Reddit is branching into audio and visual, within its focus on authentic, engaging conversation.  

Topics include:

2:28 - The "towns" and communities of Reddit
4:59 - Reddit's advertising goals: minimal disruption
6:21 - How is Reddit's ad platform developing?
8:27 - How can small businesses reach prospects on the platform?
14:21 - Context, content, and conversation on Reddit
18:12 - Can businesses create subreddits for promotion?
19:40 - How limited disclosure fosters authenticity
21:58 - Will audio and video change Reddit's interface?


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