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Spotlight on Texas: The State Support Your Business Can Expect (Part 2)

May 11, 2022

In this two-part special event, Gene Marks leads a roundtable discussion on the explosive business growth in Texas. In Part 2you’ll hear from our second panel of experts how current employment trends are impacting businesses across Texas, and how employers are addressing rising wages and competition. How are state agencies responding, and what resources and training programs connect job seekers and employers, or help boost retention?

Featured guests:
John Scott, Texas Secretary of State;
Bryan Daniel, Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission;
Denise Hernandez, a longtime catering and restaurant owner in San Antonio; 
Kathryn Hardison, reporter covering economic development and real estate in Texas.

Topics include:

6:13 – One employer’s search for staff and rising wages from COVID to today
9:48 – Workforce impact of larger companies relocating to Texas, manufacturing sector, more
13:33 – Texas: the Beatles of small business employment
14:37 - Robust education network in TX will help fill workforce
18:57 - How does immigration reform factor into workforce solutions?
23:05 - Why connecting job seekers to employers takes more than simple matching
25:54 - More focus needed on upskilling and retraining investments; online learning tools available
32:08 - Some job sectors growing, while others, such as hospitality, are strained.
37:58 - Pros and cons of technology that reskills workers vs. replacing their jobs
40:09 - TWC can help employers establish apprenticeship programs
41:57 – Overall, Texas is thriving across multiple industries and sectors.


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