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How Spotify Amplifies Business Messaging for SMBs

March 15, 2022

Looking for unique, targeted strategies for digital marketing to reach niche audiences for your business? Spotify's popular music and podcast streaming app has become an emerging promotional channel for small- to mid-size businesses (SMBs). Hear Rochelle Sanchirico, global director for SMB marketing for Spotify, describe how its self-service Ad Studio and $250-$500 points of entry offers SMBs a competitive option. Learn how Spotify's audio, video or podcast ads, metrics, and even third-party verification tools can help small business owners like you leverage this streaming service to amplify your messaging.

 Topics include:  

0:55 - Rochelle's background in marketing, SEO, SMBs and more 
2:29 - Why audio ads stand out on Spotify
3:44 – Building ads with Spotify's self-serve Ad Studio 
5:45 – 190 million ad-supported accounts to target 
7:36 - How to target a B2B niche audience: one example 
9:36 - How does Spotify produce ads for businesses? 
11:31 - "I Love Small Biz NYC" educates and empowers 100 SMBs  
13:11 - Costs per CPM to advertise on Spotify 
14:54 - Can metrics be verified? If so, how?  
16:59 - Podsights and Chartable third-party verification just acquired 
18:22 - The value-add: "... where Spotify really shines is ..." 


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