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Sen. Marco Rubio: The PPP – How It Started And Where It’s Going

June 28, 2022

When the shutdowns from COVID-19 began to take effect in March of 2020, Senator Marco Rubio knew that the impact to the economy could be catastrophic if they didn’t act soon. With the looming threats of widespread unemployment, a real estate crisis, and the reality that many small businesses would be wiped out, Sen. Rubio lead the way for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Listen in as Sen. Rubio takes host Gene Marks behind the scenes of the PPP – a look back at how it started, how it went, and where it’s going.

Topics include:

00:19 – Introduction to the episode
01:03 – The numbers of the PPP
01:28 – From a supply chain tool to the PPP
03:50 – Who was a part of creating the PPP
05:16 – The inspiration
06:45 – Sen. Marco Rubio’s thoughts and fears
08:33 – The PPP and fraud
10:30 – Why the banks were slow to react
12:49 – How Sen. Rubio educated people about the PPP
14:41 – Sen. Rubio’s involvement throughout the PPP
16:25 – How bipartisan was the PPP?
18:12 – If he could do it again what would he change?
22:26 – Is there potential for this model in the future?
24:31 – Sen. Rubio talks the impact of the PPP

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