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4-Day Week Pilot Programs Igniting Interest

February 22, 2022

Think you know what a “4-day work week” means? Think again, says Joe O’Connor, Global Pilot Program Manager for 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit coalition operating pilot programs for businesses worldwide that creates 32-hour work weeks across an organization while maintaining or improving productivity. When business leaders understand the shared goals are quality output and deliverables (for a company) in fewer working hours (for employees), both can embrace the concept as a win-win, Joe says. Hear him share research origins fueling the concept, the momentum building worldwide, how pilot trials are customized for each company, and how businesses like yours can explore joining one in coming months. 

Topics Include:

0:24 - What is 4 Day Week Global?
1:51 - Not a focus on time, but productivity
3:58 - Does "4-day week" need rebranding?
8:17 - Impact on recruiting (younger) talent
11:22 - Engaging your full workforce in a trial is critical
14:23 - Current momentum in 4-day pilot studies
15:57 - How your business can join a trial program
17:28 - How custom schedules might look


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