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The 4-Day Work Week: A Case Study for Working Smarter, Not Harder

April 19, 2022

For most, the 4-day work week sounds good in principle but will likely never happen. However, at Bolt, the company has not only implemented a 4-day work week – they’ve done so in a thoughtful, methodical way that has delivered increased productivity and work-life balance. Join Gene as he discusses this process with Jennifer Christie, the Chief People Officer at Bolt. You’ll learn why it’s so important to focus on outcomes and not just hours, to make time off as meaningful as time at the office, to allow for flexibility so you can address both employee and customer needs, and to better manage meetings, emails, and other uses of your collective energies.

Topics include:

0:32 -Jennifer’s HR expertise and basics about Bolt
3:08 - Bolt's workforce operations during and post-pandemic
4:17 - Bolt's approach to working from home
7:25- How Bolt implemented 4-day work weeks
11:22- Flexibility needed for customer-facing roles
13:44- How have 4-day weeks impacted time off for employees?
15:35 – Pursuing buy-in from senior managers, business owners
19:42 - How Bolt’s 4-day week pilot took shape
25:32 - How exceptions to the new norm are handled
27:50 - How did different worker generations respond to 4-day weeks?


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