THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast

Standing Out to Your Employees: The Key to Retention

June 14, 2022

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Great Resignation, it’s that business is in fact personal. Especially for employees. As companies look for ways to attract and retain talent during this time of labor shortage, they need to put a renewed focus on organizational culture and employee morale. On this episode of THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast, you’ll hear from Dr. Ernest Baskin, Associate Professor of Food Marketing at St. Joseph's University, as he talks with host Gene Marks about why businesses should focus on creating a positive company culture, the importance of treating your employees like family, why employers and managers should be in the trenches, and more.

Topics include:

00:44 – The work of Dr. Ernest Baskin
02:55 – Finding and retaining talent: Is money the answer?
05:44 – A new breed of employees: all about incentives
06:46 – Retaining current employees
09:12 – The importance of building a culture
11:21 – Why managers should integrate with employees
15:35 – Implementing a feedback system
16:46 – Modeling your company culture
18:26 – Where to find employees

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