THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast

Get in the Right Head Space: Dr. Sue Varma Talks Workplace Mental Health

May 17, 2022

Once considered a private matter, workplace mental health has become a hot topic in recent years. And as a younger generation enters the workforce, providing employees with the resources and benefits they need to promote their mental wellbeing has become a necessity for companies. In this episode of THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast, Dr. Sue Varma, a board-certified psychiatrist who makes regular appearances on multiple media outlets, is talking with host Gene Marks about what business owners can do to provide their workers with the support they need, the benefits of employee mental health programs, and how to create a workplace culture that promotes mental wellness.

Topics include:

00:49 – Who is Dr. Sue Varma and what does she do?
01:52 – Employee trauma and the impact of COVID-19
04:28 – Is working from home the best for your mental wellbeing?
06:32 – The importance of sensitivity when navigating return to work
10:29 – What about those mental health platforms?
11:47 – Investing in employees’ mental health: it’s good for business
14:33 – What business owners can do to help their employees’ mental health
17:13 – Modeling mental wellness for your employees
18:35 – Not just for employees…how employers can improve their mental health
22:41 – What’s the best type of therapist for you?


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