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CRM: Maxing Out the Value of a Critical Business Tool

January 25, 2022

Many businesses depend on customer relationship management (CRM) software to generate sales leads and track client responses. But do these systems garner maximum benefit across a company, with user ease at the forefront? Hear Copper, Inc. CEO, Dennis Fois, describe why its CRM software is built around Google Workspace, and the benefits seen when a CRM complements user productivity. Learn why he advocates centralizing customer data away from email inboxes, and why the nature of your business model — transactional vs. relational — should direct what CRM you use.

Topics include:

3:02 - How does Copper differ from other CRMs?
5:27 - Why and how Copper integrates solely with Google Workspace
9:07 - Shifting from process software to productivity software
12:58 - Are industry-specific (vertical) CRMs necessary?
15:54 - ROI: business growth, existing customers, IP losses with employee turnover
26:50 - The value of top-down company commitment to a CRM
30:43 - Why CRMs need more focus on ease of use
33:01 - AI impact on CRMs, labor force, and decision-making


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