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Suzanne Somers on Growing Yourself and Your Business

March 22, 2022

Sometimes our worst losses are opportunities in disguise. So says Suzanne Somers, of “Three’s Company” TV fame, who went into business for herself after show producers terminated her contract when she asked for equal pay. An influencer before the term was invented, her many business endeavors — from the Thigh-Master and Somersizing cruises, to multiple books and organic wellness products, cemented her reputation as a savvy entrepreneur. What insights can business owners like you glean from her experience? And how is her passion for physical health and well-being foundational to her success? Don’t miss this intriguing conversation.

Topics include:

1:20 - Website and brand a natural outgrowth of books
4:58 - TOX-SICK book and origins of Suzanne Organics
6:44 - More interesting, and more alive than ever
7:14 - Self-taught, honorary doctorate awarded for books
10:00 - Discovered in 1973 by Carson; early acting years
12:18 - Pivoting from acting to business, loss of TV contract
13:51 - Self-employed; the shoes and ad that launched Thigh-Master
16:40 - Opportunities in disguise, birth of a wellness brand
19:36 - Quality standards, partnering with doctors and scientists
25:30 - Advice for young entrepreneurs
27:21 - How did she assess the marketplace?
30:10 - Getting help for yourself ... self-confidence ...
34:10 - Leveraging social media to reach followers
35:34 - Surrounding yourself with skilled helpers
38:24 - What's next for Suzanne?


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