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Executive Leadership Means Learning From Your Peers

May 31, 2022

How can a CEO peer group benefit your business? In this episode, you’ll hear from Sam Reese, CEO of Vistage, the world’s largest peer advisory group for executives and business owners at small and mid-size companies. Each month, local groups of about a dozen non-competing leaders of organizations meet to share success strategies, problem-solve, and vet ideas. Learn how Vistage differs from your company’s governing board, and how its global speaker panel, executive coaching, and strategic insight from peers outside your industry can sharpen your leadership skills. And hear how Sam’s own Vistage experience salvaged his tenure as a young CEO and set him on a new course to success.

Topics include:

1:10 - What do 27,000 global members experience?
3:50- How Vistage differs from traditional governing boards
5:07 - Why connecting with leaders outside your industry is healthy for your business
6:35 - Vistage keeps the focus at the local level
9:07 - Member longevity common in Vistage groups
10:33 - What's the buzz on labor shortages, inflation from Vistage members?
12:08 - Vistage confidence index shows leaders face uncertainties
15:23 - How Vistage is helping CEOs address succession planning
19:25 – Two common objections and how Vistage overcomes them
22:49 - Stats show Vistage leaders outperform others; Sam’s own story
25:53 - Indicators Vistage might be a good fit for you


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