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The Reach Factor: Neil Patel on How Small Businesses Compete Effectively Online

November 16, 2021

Google AdWords vs. Organic SEO. Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. When it comes to online marketing, how can small businesses stretch limited dollars over multiple platforms to reach customers effectively? And how can they compete against larger companies with massive marketing budgets? Neil Patel, recognized as one of Forbes’ top 10 marketing influencers, shares insights and growth marketing strategies your business can leverage across social media, digital ads, and your company website, to earn the best bang for your buck.

Topics Include:

2:27- Are Google Ads worth the cost?
5:29 - How can SMBs compete with larger firms?
9:11 - Let ROI determine marketing channels
11:32 - Predicting what Google will do next
15:25 - Competitive advantages of Facebook ads
17:12 - LinkedIn favors content creators
19:36 - Why LinkedIn ads are so costly
21:34 - How to use photo-focused platforms for recruiting
23:51 - Red-flag warnings for social media newcomers
28:57 - How do businesses evaluate a digital marketing agency?


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