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Forecasting Future Success for Franchises

November 9, 2021

Franchise owner-operators are facing current challenges on several fronts: labor shortages, uncertainties around pending vaccine mandates, and pressures from potential expansion of joint employer classification with national brands. Meanwhile, wages and benefits are up, and opportunities for veteran- and minority-owned franchises continue to grow. Hear from Matthew Haller, president and CEO of the International Franchise Association (IFA), how the organization advocates for its members, and the data that shows why franchising remains a proven path to success for many entrepreneurs.

Topics include:

3:22 - Functions and focus of the IFA
5:54 - Higher wages, better benefits for new hires
7:02 - Some brand ads now push hiring, not product
11:22 - Where, how are franchisees finding hires?
14:01 - Could joint employer expansions harm franchising?
19:11 - Impact of OSHA vaccine mandate
20:16 - IFA supports for veteran- and minority-owned franchises
24:37 - What's changed in franchising?


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