THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast

Taking Stock: Inventory Innovations in the Information Age

December 14, 2021

Any business selling products is dependent on inventory management to fulfill customer needs, but many companies haven’t mastered this critical aspect of operations. Hear Lucas Miller, vice president of implementation for Fishbowl, the global leader in inventory control solutions, explain best practices in stock management, trending innovations, and key metrics that can empower smarter inventory planning and leaner warehousing. Further, learn why the shift to automated stocking software calls for veteran staff at the helm, and how pain points in managing inventory data can point to a need for improved business processes.

Topics include:

3:23 - Supply chain shortages reveal inventory management challenges
4:57 - How has physical counting changed today?
7:26 - Barcoding is about accuracy, not speed
9:32 - QR codes: trend vs. traction
11:02 - How does RFID differ? What's the forecast for RFID?
12:49 – Avoiding the challenge of overstocked obsoletion
15:25 - Robotics, automation impact on manufacturing
17:22 – Process changes necessary for modern inventory automation
21:00 - Key inventory metrics: ABC codes, reorder levels


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