THRIVE, a Paychex Business Podcast

Upgrading Hardware Tech for New Workplace Norms

December 28, 2021

Given today’s remote and hybrid workforce needs, how are small businesses approaching computer hardware technology? Hear from Lindsey Greathouse, director of global SMB marketing for Lenovo, one of the world’s largest personal electronics brands, as she shares how the company differentiates its service solutions for the mobile devices, laptops, and accessories now considered commodities. How have these tech tools helped foster productivity and connection in the new work-from-home and hybrid work environments, and what’s the future of the industry, given advances in artificial intelligence?

Topics include:

2:02 - Career path recap
4:53 - Lenovo's diversified portfolio of products
8:33 - Delivering continuity for SMB remote work needs
13:16 - Partner network innovations, right to repair
14:39 - Look for flexibility, scalability, security as a future focus
17:17 - Subscription-based, as-a-service access growing
18:10 - How will hologram, AI technology impact hardware?    

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