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On Guard: Why IT Security Remains a Business Priority

October 26, 2021

Whether it’s compromised emails, phishing attacks, ransomware or more, IT security risks are a key concern for businesses today. When might passwords disappear in favor of biometrics? What is “smishing” and how could it impact you? In this episode, WIRED magazine senior writer Lily Hay Newman shares her expertise on trends happening in the field of information security and digital privacy, and why she advocates disclosing data breaches to improve IT safety for all businesses. 

Topics include:

2:36 - The tenor of tech reporting
7:28 - Why passwords are problematic
10:26 - Vulnerabilities in multi-factor authentication
15:29 - Biometrics can still carry risk
22:22 - Why reporting ransomware attacks is wise
26:55 - Compromised emails are top concern
28:48 -"Smishing" a new threat
32:05 - Reducing your personal "attack surface"


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