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Reshaping HR Norms to Meet New Workplace Needs

February 15, 2022

As employers face the ongoing labor shortage, compounded by the Great Resignation, they’ve got new lessons to learn about recruiting, retaining, and managing employees today. So says Jack Kelly, longtime CEO with the Compliance Search Group, and CEO of, which launched at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. How are businesses managing remote employees or hybrid workers? Why is geographical diversity important? How do employee expectations vary across multiple generations? Further, what strategies can companies use to boost employee engagement? This soup-to-nuts overview of the new HR landscape offers key concepts and strategies for business leaders today.      

Topics include:

0:46 - How got its start
2:40 - New blueprint from Danish CEO for recruiting and retention
4:09 - What is psychological safety for employees?
5:02 - How should employers handle sub-par performance?
7:54 - Today's hybrid workplace variables
13:54 - Diversity goes geographic
15:56 - Collaboration challenges in a distributed workforce
18:14 - Keeping employees engaged, celebrating achievements


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