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NBA’s Grant Hill’s All-Star Support for Minority-Owned SMB Grant Program with LegalZoom

January 18, 2022

NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill visits the show to introduce LegalZoom’s Fast Break for Small Business program benefitting minority-owned businesses with funding grants and legal services through a $6M, multi-year initiative. The program supports SMBs led by Black, Latino, Asian, female, immigrant, and LGBTQ+ owners with access to capital, and expertise in legal, accounting, and regulatory services from a network of professionals. Hear how Grant’s family history of entrepreneurship and business experience as co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks spurs his support, and his invitation to women- and minority-owned businesses to pursue these new resources.

Topics include:

2:25 - LegalZoom's $6M partnership initiative for SMBs
3:30 - Family roots of entrepreneurship
4:58 - Access to capital, a professional network, and legal/accounting resources
9:49 - Lessons learned from co-owning the Atlanta Hawks
11:45 - Parallels between athletics and business
13:10 - Grant's personal role, connections, in the Fast Break network
16:12 - "What if?" business alternatives outside athletics
18:12 - His mother's business legacy
24:41 - Final pitch for Fast Break for Small Business


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