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Buy or Sell an Online Business in the Virtual Marketplace

February 8, 2022

To sell a brick-and-mortar store, you need a real estate agent, but if your company only exists online, you need Flippa. As the virtual realtor for online businesses, Flippa listings include blogs, mobile apps, Shopify or Fulfilled by Amazon stores, SaaS companies, and more. CEO Blake Hutchison visits the show to share insights on evaluating virtual business assets, documenting profits, current trends in the sale of digital real estate, factors that impact selling price, and more. Learn how Flippa connects buyers and sellers online and fills a new niche in the digital age.
Topics include:

2:20 - Blake's career journey
5:32 - What Flippa is and how its marketplace works
6:56 - Unique aspects of selling an online business
8:24 - What businesses are best-sellers on Flippa now?
9:52 - Nuances of selling a business on Flippa
11:26 - Four factors that increase valuation
14:42 - Business longevity, net profits impact selling price
17:12 - Documentation buyers will need to see
19:51 - Buying assets only vs. buying organizations
21:19 - Three ways Flippa sales and commissions work
24:04 - Do business owners "flip" companies on Flippa?


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