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Brace for Impact: The Coming Pressures of Inflation

October 19, 2021

The signs are clear: inflation isn’t just on the way, it’s already here. That’s what economic experts Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan tell host Gene Marks in this episode, the first of two on inflation, U.S. debt, and the nation’s economy. How did we get here, and where might we be going? Whether rising prices, Federal Reserve actions, supply chain shortages, or labor force impacts have you concerned, hear the steps they recommend to buffer your small business for the bumpy road ahead.

Topics Include:

2:11 - The misinformation around inflation
6:07 -  Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) 
12:05 - Why more gov’t money spurs inflation
14:30 - Supply chain shortages and price jumps
16:57 – Are CPI increases tied to extra unemployment benefits?
20:09 - Shortages in labor, and on shelves
22:40 - Borrowing in the face of inflation
27:06 - Is inflation ever "good?"


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