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Warning to Businesses: Brace for Impact of U.S. Debt

October 21, 2021

Hard times are coming for the ship of state, says economic analysts Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan. As Congress raises the U.S. debt ceiling again, while the national debt and government overspending spiral past the bounds of reality, harsh outcomes loom on the economic horizon, they warn. How can businesses prepare to minimize the painful realities that could come sooner than preferred? Don’t miss Part 2 of this conversation on debt, inflation, and what’s showing in the lines of our national ledger.

Topics include:

2:28 - Debt ceiling, overspending, inflation
5:31- Social Security insolvent in 10 years
6:55 - What's your $20 worth?
8:00 - Could the U.S. default on its debt?
15:00 - Historic debt trends
16:37 - Constitutional concerns
18:53 – Is U.S. debt too high to pay off?
22:46 - Takeaway? We’re bankrupt
23:05 - Preparing for financial pains ahead
25:17 - Two blows to business in new tax plan
27:50 - Hope in the people's productivity


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